Christina Koehler, mainly working as Tintin Patrone, is a German-Filipino Sound- and Performacne artist. She is captivated by the exploration of interconnections among music, art, sound, and experimental forms of expression. Her creative works revolve around the visual aspects of music and the ways in which personal and societal connections are established with it.


By involving herself with robots and artificial intelligence in her artistic practice, Tintin Patrone challenges established notions of human subjectivity and physical presence. Through the integration of these technological elements, her objective is to go beyond outdated concepts of "human nature" and nurture fresh perspectives that continuously evolve alongside contemporary advancements in science and technology.


Incorporating non-human entities as participants becomes a purposeful endeavor for Tintin Patrone, aiming to disrupt conventional understandings of human subjectivity and embodiment. Her performances, installations, and plays are inspired by genres such as musical Concept-Art, Fluxus, and experimental music.

Another profound source of inspiration that shapes Tintin Patrone's artistic approach is the culture of associations and collectives. She frequently collaborates and engages with fellow artists and groups, creating an environment of mutual exploration.


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