yellow dog blues (since 2017)

music and video project


studies on the emotional impact of music mainly concerned with the principled relationship between form and function in evolved animal signals. The songs and improvisational pieces rely on the perceptual effects of controlled tones to re- calibrate the listener’s relationship to natural sound.


Tintin Patrone is a German-Filipino composer and sound-artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Her minimal sound work and long duration performances are essentially shaped by her studies in microtonality and music making animals like the chanting huskies from Yukon Territory, Canada. Her sound focus on tuning, intonation and harmonic modulation and gradually moves through a series of long, sustained tones played by trombone and various modulation devices.


previous releases on visible dinner, sicsic tapes, Pudel Produkte, Stoffe, pleisto, Sammlung Haus-N

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